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Install my Backyard Farm

Make sure what you are eating is clean, organic, and free of pesticides! Choose what you want to eat for your family all year long!  What you grow will taste better than what you buy in the store. Typically, a backyard farm requires a hoop-house or greenhouse.

Help me plan my farm!

Use my Existing Greenhouse

Generate cash from your existing structure all year long! Adapt proven media bed designs to fit your farm and predict your production and cash flow.

Grow cash from my greenhouse

I have an Idle 1/4 Acre

Generate $50K or more selling to Farmers Markets, Restaurants and Grocery Stores and eat well at the same time. Customize your cropping plan to meet the demand of high value greens, micro-greens, herbs, fruits and roots.  Fish sales are a bonus that add to the bottom line. Any amount of land can be converted into aquaponic farming, use $50K per year  per 1/4 acre (conservative). No heavy farm equipment required to plant, tend, or harvest. 

Make my land generate cash.

One Discussion gets you Started

Set up a call to get started to discuss your need, desire and vision for your farm. Find out what is possible all year long! I use SketchUp to layout what is practical and possible, if it works out then a site visit is planned to verify. With a design in hand, the real work starts and the financials, production and operating plans are determined.  

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Aquaponincs Association 'Sending up Shoots' Presentation

Join us on September 21-23, 2018 in Hartford, CT to meet and listen to some of the greatest contributors in the Global Aquaponics Industry. Come Grow with US!

Aquaponics Association

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Organic Farm to YOUR Table

Would you like to use your greenhouse all year long? Do you want your children to participate in the farm to table chores at home? Would you like to have organic food on your table? 


Aquaponics Supports YOUR Farm

Do you want to sell greens and vegetables at the local farmers market to generate cash during the summer?Would you like a 28 day turnaround on new offerings?  Would you like to sell premium organic all year long to local restaurants and stores?


Backyard Patch, Small Farm or Commercial Farm

If you are interested in learning more about Aquaponics, sign up for my news letter, email me or call. Getting the facts about what you can accomplish will allow you to make your best financial decisions. 

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